Topics: Human, Night of the Living Dead, Religion Pages: 3 (912 words) Published: October 12, 2014

Zombies are really an interesting topic from all points of view. They already have been the subject of multiple discussions today without even knowing if they are real or if they could be created in the near future by some virus or bacteria. This paper is focus on learning more about what these zombies are, where they were originated according to religions, will also discussed one of the most important series of the last decade on TV "The Walking Dead" and how it uses these beings for animation turning them into popular figures in our society associating the story with the prophecies and giving an encouraging message about humanity. Introducing these real or imaginary beings and at least the theory of origin is important. Hearing the word zombie to many of us comes to mind is an image of a dead that comes back to life, crawling to make us a banquet. Well this is why cultures has use science fiction films by series or books, the reality is quite another to believe and has much to do with religion, black magic and slavery. The word zombie comes originally from Haiti, Inside the Haitian Vodou tradition and oral tradition Zombie concept has been of great importance since it involved the concept of body and soul. In the voodoo religion has the concept of dual soul, which means a division of the soul and from this the two types of zombies zombie corporeal and incorporeal, or as some scholars have called unfold "the body without soul" and the "disembodied soul". What distinguishes the two types such as a zombie walking down the street, which has risen from the grave, or one who inhabits a vessel to be sold later and provide protection, but both can work as domestic servants. There have been many investigations that have been made but very few cases have been found in which zombies are just unfortunate victims, people who have been forced into slavery under the influence of powerful drugs. This is because the Haitian priests subjected to human exposure...

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