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Zomato – Marta Freitas

What does zomato do?
• Zomato is an on-line restaurant discovery platform
• It suggests the best places to eat around you according to your mood • It allows you to browse through menus, pictures and reviews • It gives you the possibility to follow “foodies” – other users

Some facts
• Deepinder Goyal – Founder and CEO
• Founded in July 2008 (Foodiebay)
• In 2010 renamed to Zomato
• In 2011 Zomato app was launched
• September 2012 – first overseas location
• Acquired Urbanspoon in January 2015

Some figures

(data in 20/03/2015)

• 62.5 million registered users
• 373,900 listed restaurants
• Present in 20 countries and 145 cities
• Available in 9 languages
• +900 employees
• Website’s global rank :1018º

Zomato’s website is divided into two
• Restaurant Guide

Zomato’s website is divided into two
• Blog

Zomato’s App
Explore all-new Collections
Explore nearby restaurants
Explore nearby recommendations
Visualize menus, photos, reviews and info
Connect with “foodies”
Share your food journey

B2B or B2C? Both!
 Zomato condisers itself as “the most cost-effective high-impact marketing platform for dining establishments”. It allows restaurants to:

• The B2B model only works
because of the B2C component.
• The fact that users go to Zomato
to find the best restaurants and
give their reviews and ratings is
the reason why restaurants want
to be in the platform in the first

B2B - People go to Zomato because they want to know the opinion of actual clients of the restaurants. User’s reviews are what attracts people to enter Zomato, creating a networking effect

PEST Analysis


• Certain countries, like China, have rigid laws about
forbidding foreign websites to be accessed in the

• Crisis – people want to be more aware of their
spendings and prefear to browse first (check for
price ranges)
• Crisis hit the restaurant sector hard, restaurants
need to make the most of any marketing tool



• Tendancy to want to be “in”, people want to know
which are the most trendy places

• Increased number of people with smartphones and
access to apps (85 billion apps downloaded from
July 2008 to October 2014 in the Apple store,

• People are becoming more and more trustworthy
of the reviews of “real users”

Market Trends



marketing tools
aren’t enough

Consumer cares
about: other
people’s opinion

Market trends – some data
88% read reviews to
determine the quality of a
local business

39% read reviews on a
regular basis

Restaurants and cafés are
the businesses that most
search more for reviews

(source: Bright Local)

72% of consumers say that
positive reviews make them
trust a local business more 

88% of consumers say they
trust online reviews as much
as personal

Competitors worldwide
Among hotels, rentals and flights, Tripadvisor also
has a restaurant browser with reviews and ratings

Google Maps now also features restaurant search
aggregating information and ratings associated with
the acquired website ZAGAT

Yelp is a business search engine (restaurants
represente 42% of the contente) that has a social
network component to it

Foursquare works as a city guide providing
personalized recommendations to the users

An online city guide that provides information about
businesses in several categories, restaurants being
one of them

Competitors in Portugal
The site features the most comprehensive database of
Portuguese tourism resources, not forgetting restaurants
(description, pictures, price ranges, etc.)

Best tables is a platform of dinning reservations with a lot information about restaurants

Lisbonlux is a comprehensive guide/showcase of the best of
the city of Lisbon,...
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