Zodiac Killer 25 Points

Topics: Zodiac Killer, Robert Graysmith, Paul Avery Pages: 3 (563 words) Published: January 24, 2013
1. The zodiac killer is definitely organized. He is able to hide his crime well considering they have not been caught. 2. The murderer has the ability to taunt the police with weird ciphers, phone calls, insulting and cryptic messages. All without being caught. 3. The Zodiac killer has a specific way he kills. One particular way that was performed a couple of times was him or her approaching people in cars and often couples. 4. The killer often times has bad handwriting and miss spells commonly known words. 5. The killer is smart, but wants in a way to be found {evidence i.e. The LA Times letter by Jake Wark)}

6. Lives alone, it would be hard to be a killer if you lived with someone. 7. He/she studied his victims.
8. Killer probably lives away from where the crimes take place. 9. Probably somebody who blends into a crowd
10. Middle aged (countless crimes not done in a couple of years”. 11. Suggests killer has time to spare.
12. Spends hours picking victims, so unemployed.
13.Probably has a trust fund or parents who have supported him, but are unaware of his actions. 14.Travels and seems to know the area well.{If he is able to pick people (victims) i.e. specific} Perhaps the killer drives around the state looking for victims. 15. Like to see people in pain,(Brutality of crimes).

16. Appears to be trustworthy to people so he or she can lure people in 17. Other peoples pain helps the killer get his memo, and his “job done.” 18. Killer must mentally be a loner; His true thoughts, which would be shared are probably too brutal and disturbing for people; Concluding that the killer would truly socialize on a rare occasion. 19. Killer is intelligent, he writes notes that are misspelled only to fool us, yet he/she has never been caught. 20. The killer believes his/her victims will join them in the ‘afterlife’, and will be with him/her as their ‘slaves’. 21. Assumed to worship something, maybe Buddhist, (afterlife theory). 22. He or she is most-likely average...

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