Zippo Lighter

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Zippo Lighter

Normally a Zippo lighter is made up of 8 parts. Broken down, it consists of two

metal casings, one pin, one wick, one spring, one flint, one striker wheel, and one

polyester square. Each part has its own significance and play in an important role in

making a Zippo lighter.

The two metal casings are what make the lighters appearance so appealing. Its

designed to flip open and close, so when opened the wick is lit and when closed the flame

can be put out. Not only does it open and close but it also holds the lighters fluid as well.

The pin is what allows the lighter to flip open, kind of like a miniature door hinge.

When the pin is put in the correct place it holds the top half of the lighter casing in place,

allowing it to flip open and close while staying attached all at once.

Back when lighters were first being used, they contained a wick. Modern day

lighters are usually filled with butane; a flammable gas. Even though the wick was used a

hundred years ago, it still holds up its reputation in holding a flame numerous amounts of


As for the spring and flint, they collaborate in a sense, using each other to hold

their end of the deal. The spring is inserted on the inside casing holding up the

flint to the striker wheel so its close enough to catch friction to create sparks.

When igniting the Zippo, it is always needed to have a striker wheel. The striker

wheel is used to grind against the flint to create sparks. When the sparks are made they

ignite the wick creating a flame from all the built up fluid within the wick.

In order to hold fluid, correct me if I’m wrong, there is a square cut piece of nylon

or a cotton based material inside the lighter that soaks up lighter fluid allowing it to hold

a source of fuel for every time its lit.

In general all the pieces fall together as follows:...
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