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Topics: American Revolutionary War, Social class, Native Americans in the United States Pages: 3 (613 words) Published: December 9, 2012
ZINN CHAPTER 5: Part I -- pp. 76-88
Study Questions
1. What support did the Revolutionary War effort have among the colonial     population?
The revolutionary War had some support from the colonial population. The Colonial population wasn’t very fond of the war. They did receive help from Sailors and mechanics who helped them with weapons, boats, etc.

2. What impact did slavery have on the war effort in the South?

Slavery had a very large impact on the South’s was effort. Rebellions took a major toll on the south.

3. What incentives did the Revolutionary War leaders use to attract recruits?

The Revolutionary War leaders would attract recruits by telling a current soldier to say how his life has been impacted by the war and how his life has currently improved. Also that if you joined your social status and amount of money would increase.

4. What was the American Navy’s position vis-à-vis impressment?

The American Navy’s position on impressment was that they had done the same exact thing as Britain had done before.

5. Why did Robert Morris’ plan to assuage the concerns of financial contributors     to the Continental Congress anger the common soldier?

The Soldiers did not like the plan to stop the pain of contributors’ financial contributions. This meant lack of food and water. And danger of different illnesses.

6. What was the British strategy concerning slavery in the South?

The British strategy was to allow slaves to join their army which would cause lack of slaves and population in the South. This was successful because Slaves weren’t aloud to join due to the fear the numbers in slaves would decrease.

7. How is the general perception that the Revolution engendered the separation of     church and state challenged by Zinn?

The Revolution had created taxes that made America’s population support the church. But Zinn doesn’t believe that the separation between church and state had to do with the...
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