Zinn, Howard. the Bomb.

Topics: Nuclear weapon, World War II, Atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki Pages: 3 (1167 words) Published: May 5, 2013
Kyle Freund
History 1302
TTH 10-11:20

Zinn, Howard. The Bomb. Pollen: City Light Books, 2010. Call No. 940.54’2521954

The Bomb gives a unique insight on the bombing of Hiroshima and Royan from the perspective of an air force bombardier World War II veteran Howard Zinn. This two-part book includes Zinn’s essay over the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Zinn’s experiences of the bombing over the town of Royan. Although this book may be a quick read, it is an influential and inspiring book. With the introduction being completed by Zinn one month prior to his death in January of 2010, this book is Zinn’s final attempt of opening people’s eyes to the effects war and bombing and to prevent America from doing it again in the future. The book begins with a prelude by Greg Ruggiero and an introduction by Howard Zinn. The introduction, with its powerful and insightful call for an end to war, makes for a fitting farewell note for a man who has made such an impact against war and making a better world. Zinn’s work takes place during the era of Hitler’s unquestioned evil, and the allied forces that brought him down in what is known as World War II. This war was a devastating and detrimental war that was responsible for countless human casualties and nearly an extinction of the entire Jewish culture altogether, a war that went out with a bang, literally. The war was eventually brought to an end with the help of the atomic bomb. When the news of the bombing breaks out, Zinn is only a young married man who viewed these headlines with celebration. The war was going to end, how could that be a bad thing? In this narrative, Zinn focuses on the horror of the unnecessary devastation and demolition caused by both the U.S. atomic bombings on Japanese civilians. Statistics say that about 200,000 people of Japan were killed instantaneously by the two bombs. Not only does Zinn use these breathtaking statistics to make his points, but also he uses testimonies from...
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