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Zinn 4

By moustache23 Feb 11, 2013 397 Words
Chapter 4
In Howard Zinn’s book, Passionate Declaration: Essays on War and Justice, I read chapter four titled “The Use and Abuse of History.” Zinn in this chapter discusses how history is used and abused. Many in society today only tell “impartial history,” meaning we leave parts of history out to make a certain group or event stick out. History in the United States of America is swayed always to make us look like the good ones. We are a biased country and the government will do anything to censor out the exact truth.

Through all of these chapters it is obvious that Howard Zinn is not objective, but very much bias. I can’t help but love the knowledge and thoughts he shares. Zinn is able to point out the problems and give great explanation on our country and you can’t help but deny these issues are completely true and makes so much sense.

This idea of the United States of America sharing only certain aspects of history is very selfish. We are teaching children only the part of the truth. History is history and we can’t lie or sway certain points. As Americans we built our country on immigrants so who is the government trying to trick?

We are told we have all these rights of freedom. The government should not be trying to mold people and believe certain things. Everyone has the right to know the truth and build a personality of their own. We are a society made up of human beings that have certain desires that differ greatly from one another. It seems as though higher authority is scared of losing their power. But in all reality I believe if you do good and respect others they will do the same in return. To me that is human nature.

I would defiantly have to say I’m very thankful for universities. And I do believe more of our citizens need to attend. For all the ignorant individuals out there, you need a wakeup call. Others need to be enlightened on new ideas and theories and stand up for their rights. We must learn all we can about our country, our society and the world. Not just certain segments that depict our government as gods.

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Zinn, Howard. Passionate Declarations: Essays on War and Justice. New York: HarperCollins Publishers Inc, 2003. Print.

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