Ziggurats vs. Pyramids

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Triumphant Triangles
The ziggurats of Mesopotamia were the ‘main events’ in their respective city-states while the pyramids of Egypt were beautiful, confined graves. One of these magnificent triangular structures was a place of gathering, just as the other was illegal to enter as a civilian. These are the two most symbolic and astounding architectural creations in history, at least for their shape.

Both the ziggurat and the pyramid were recognized as specific buildings. The Ziggurat was a place of gathering, not only for worship, but for sales as well. During a religious service, there would be salesmen yelling to the citizens about the deals for his cattle. To be frank, no such thing would be allowed in a pyramid, much less a citizen be allowed in a pyramid in the first place. Pyramids were oversized, astounding gravestones for the pharaohs, or god-kings, not to mention that they were nearly completely enclosed. For those who follow the Star Wars films, entrance to the Pharaoh’s Tomb was just about as complicated as reaching the core of the Death Star, if not more so.

Why it was so challenging to enter a pyramid was simple. The pharaohs in Egypt were gods that walked among the living. When these gods passed on they were buried under millions of pounds of limestone, so as to prevent anyone from disturbing their eternal slumber. The reason there was so much more security around the pyramids was because pharaohs were seen, heard, and possibly touched by the citizens. In Mesopotamia, the gods used the ziggurats as steps toward the sky. There was no physical being buried within the ziggurat. In fact, the idea of the pyramid and the ziggurat were nearly opposite. Ziggurats were protected by their respective gods, and pyramids protected their god-kings. Either way, what were protecting or being protected was marvelous to look at.

Easily the most stunning architectural pieces of their times, pyramids and ziggurats attracted many an eye. More so...
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