Zhang Yimou’s Film Anaylsis

Topics: Zhang Yimou, Raise the Red Lantern, Zhang Ziyi Pages: 9 (3644 words) Published: August 28, 2011
Zhang YiMou’s Film Anaylsis Introduction First of all, our group had chosen Zhang YiMou’s films in our analysis as he is one of the famous directors who produces artistic films. We would like to analyze base on his three films that he produced in the early, middle and the recent stage as we want to compare and look for the similarities, differences and improvements that he had made. They are “Raise the Red Lantern”, “The Road Home” and “House for Flying Daggers”. All these three films were being nominated and awarded. Therefore, they are the suitable and worthy films for us to analyze.

Themes Feminism The themes that we can see from Zhang’s films are feminism and colors. First, we would like to discuss and analyze about feminism in his films as woman would be the main key in his films all the time. For example, he chose Gong Li as his protagonist in “Raise the Red Lantern” while Zhang ZiYi in the other two films “The Road Home” and “House for Flying Daggers”. “Raise the Red Lantern” is mainly talked about a woman’s fate where she is unable to decide her own future or happiness as in marriage and force to obey her stepmother to marry with a rich old man and become his fourth wife. This film shows how she has been through all the unfortunate matters in her marriage and gone crazy in the end. “The Road Home” is mainly talked about the romance of a young lady in a village with a

young man who comes from the city and become the teacher in the village. This film shows how she gets the attention from the young teacher and overcomes all the obstacles just to wait for her true love. The story of “House for Flying Daggers” happens in the Tang Dynasty where many secret associations are fighting against the government. The main actress in this film is a secret agent from the association while another two main actors are the real policeman and a secret agent under covered as a police. This film shows the romance between these three people and how they fight for their love one. The main actress is being shown as strong because she knows martial art and able to fight as good as a man. Therefore, we can see that woman in Zhang’s films actually plays a very important role to make the film success.

Color The second theme is about the colors of his films. The colors that he used in his films are usually focused on only one type of color. For example, in “The Road Home”, Zhang frequently used red color things to symbolize something. The red hair pin gives by Luo to Di as a promise that he will come back for her. Besides that, the banner, wallpaper and the jacket that Di wears are also in red color. While in “Raise the Red Lantern”, he also used red color as the main color which is the lanterns in that film all are in red color and that is the main props in that film too. The color of the lighting is very important as it can establish certain mood in a film. The colors of the lighting that Zhang usually uses are natural and bright light. Natural light can help to create the natural feel while bright light can help to enhance the mood of the film and it can help in focusing an object so that the object will be clearer and easier to be seen. In conclusion, the themes that Zhang usually uses are almost the same which are he will use a female character as the main role for his film and then he will choose a thing or a color to help to build up the whole climax of the film.

Motifs Motif is very important in a film. Without it, the film can be considered as no plot and therefore audiences will be very hard to interpret the film. Motif also acts as the meaning in some part of the film. For example, in “Raise the Red Lantern”, there is a same music faded in for the whole film. This shows the same action has been used again. Next, is about the female character in the film. It can be a motif as it can help to build a climax in a film. For example, in “The Road Home”, woman has nothing but only waiting to get married and give birth. They...
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