Zerbinette from "Les Fourberies de Scapin"

Topics: Molière, Les Fourberies de Scapin, Girl Pages: 2 (759 words) Published: April 29, 2013
In the play “Les fourberies de Scapin” by Moliere a brilliant in tricks server named Scapin lies and plays the other characters against each other to help two young couples, his masters son and their neighbors son, convince their fathers to not break apart their engagements. One character I found entertaining is Zerbinette who is the young girl Leandre is engaged to. Zerbinette was kidnapped at the age of four and raised by gypsies living on the streets. At the end of the play we discover that Zerbinette is actually Argante’s long lost daughter. In act three, scene one, page 45 Zerbinette shares a lot about herself. “I am not one to draw back when friendship is asked of me.” (3, 1, 45) This claim show that Zerbinette is a friendly and honorable person. “Love is a different thing. One runs more risk, and I feel is less determined.” (3, 1, 45) I feel this statement would only be made by someone who has been hurt in a relationship before, perhaps by a previous love. “I only half trust him, and what had just done is not sufficient to reassure me. I am of happy disposition, and am very fond of fun, it is true. But though I laugh I am serious about many things.” (3, 1, 45) This line is evidence to assume Zerbinette is a ambitious, care free, and fun woman who also would like to be taken seriously from time to time. “You know that the trouble of telling me something amusing is not lost upon me, and that I well repay those who take that trouble by the pleasure it gives me.” (3, 1, 46) As previously mentioned, Zerbinette is perceived to be someone who enjoys laughing and having fun, this cry for an amusement shows how heavy the stress of her current situation is on her mind. “(Leandre) took me to see this young girl, whom I thought good-looking, it is true, but not so beautiful as he would have had me believe. He never spoke of anything but her; at every opportunity he exaggerated her grace and her beauty, extolled her...
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