Zephaniah the Prophet

Topics: Kingdom of Judah, Jerusalem, Judea Pages: 1 (314 words) Published: December 26, 2001
Zephaniah was a 7th century Hebrew prophet. He is known as the author of the book of Zephaniah, one of the twelve short prophetic books. However, some scholars believe that some sections of chapters two and three were added on later. It was written during the time of the Judean king Josias. Chapter one starts off with a gathering of all the inhabitants of world including Judea and Jerusalem, to face judgment and total destruction. No hope is given and no one is to be spared. The story is chapter one is a complete reversal of the creation story. The order of the creation story went fish, birds, beats, and then man. Here man will be destroyed first, the beasts, birds, and finally fish. Zephaniah writes that G-d is angry with Judah because of their Idolatry, alliances with foreign powers, violence and injustice, and deism, which means the belief that G-d was not involved in human affairs. The Day of the Lord is described as a day of utter darkness and gloom and of cosmic importance. G-d says that the things, which the people hold dear, powerful warriors, fortified cities, and silver and gold, will not be able to save them. No hope is given and no one will be spared. In Chapter two, G-d tells the people to strive for justice and righteousness and maybe some will be saved. Zephaniah then prophesizes the destruction of enemy nations such as, Phillistia, Moab, Ammon, Ethiopia, and Assyria. They will be destroyed because of their arrogance and mistreatment of Judah.

In Chapter three Jerusalem is specifically condemned for not changing its corrupt ways. However it provides some hope as it is written that the gentile nations will be converted and a faithful and righteous few of Judah will be saved ad Judah will once again regain its power in the world.
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