Zeitgeist Addendum

Topics: Religion, Money, Bank Pages: 2 (596 words) Published: August 17, 2012
Valerie Ann Lopez


How do we stop these greed and corruption that makes the society suffer? Zeitgeist Addendum is a documentary that shows a revolution among crisis in the United States. The make which is Peter states that “a man is still as you are still brutal, aggressive, violent , competitive and a virus in the society”. Why is there such man who gives problems in the society? In United states, they are surrounded with many institutions: Political institutions, legal institutions, religious institutions and even occupational specialization that influence our understandings in the society. These institutions are made because of a system that we don’t take for granted which is, the monetary system .Taking in religious proportion, they established the monetary institution as one of the unquestionable faith there is: How money is governed, how money is created and how it truly affects the society which gives the interests of majority in the population. According in Zeitgeist, it shows that the, the banking system in the United States experience inflation. The “money created in the bank ends up in the bank” as Peter said. It means that the people under the banking system have their own process of money which is a secret to the people. In some ways, the religion could have a role in this issue, because we all know that religion is a big factor that can influence ones thinking. You tried to do things that you aren’t aware of. People put their Gods in problems like money that’s why people who don’t believe in God are too confident to do a crime that will affect people. They say that religion is a lie that put as under a command. In my own opinion, We must not put God into place when we have problems because he was the one who created us that’s why we are here. He made us to be as one. But it seems like there are bo9undaries between the authorities and the people. In the world where “34000 children die a day...

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