Topics: Christianity, Sun, Religion Pages: 3 (1311 words) Published: March 20, 2011
From what I’ve watched, the documentary is saying that Christians and Catholics don’t understand that their religion is a parody of Sun Worship. That’s all it is. Christians have taken a man whom they call "Jesus", and put him in place of the Sun, thus the “Son of God”. They then give him the same adoration that used to be given the Sun the December 25th myth is based on the WINTER SOLSTICE or REBIRTH OF THE SUN. It was the most celebrated holiday among the pagans. The pagans created Christianity. It is probably proven that almost every religion has a strikingly similar theme in its teachings. Countless deities that have so much in common with Jesus, it's at the very least very disturbing. All religious systems are obviously based on myths build upon older myths. This is undisputable. Some very clever people, in order to keep and increase their power and wealth, needed a way to control how entire nations think to prevent self determination in order to make them do whatever they want them to do. Religions served this purpose very well considering events of the last 2000 years. The documentary doesn’t fight against a god, just religion. I don’t attend church or pray but I do believe that there is a greater being out there but I must say, even if there is no god and everything is based strictly on astrology. You cannot deny the fact religion has brought out some of the best in people. These kinds of films tie my head in knots. I have in a debate with myself because I have points of agreements and disagreements. My disagreements with the documentary are as follows. The problem with a lot of this is that there are historical texts that speak of Jesus and texts that prove the existence of all of these 12 disciples and Jesus. For this stuff to hold water all of these men would have to be fictional and they are not. Have you guys ever thought of the Israelites in Egypt long before Christianity and the other religions and Egyptian’s religion...and that they wrote the...
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