Zee Grill

Topics: Marketing, Estimation, Approximation Pages: 2 (263 words) Published: December 4, 2012
Zee Grill Fast Food/Restaurant Pakistan:
Zee grill is a fast food restaurant, located in Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad.
Demographic Segmentation
Age| Teen age 20-40 years|
Family Size| 4 to 5 members|
Gender| Both male and female|
Income| RS.15000-35000|
Social Class| Middle Class|

Zee Grill introduces the brands for the younger as well as the children's. Zee Grill targeted both high as well as low-income gourds. In simple word we can say that introduce of all income and all age groups. According to a survey the estimated prospective buyers of Zee Grill in Pakistan is approximately 1.5 million. The target market shows the buyers who are young and middle age people that are the 35% of .5 million populations. Distributions:

Designing and selecting the right distribution channel is very important task. The right distribution channel can help to promote a product: plus the distribution channel is a very good source of feedback from the market and from the customer. The most commonly used distribution channel in the market for tangible products to ultimate consumer

estimated prospective buyers target market(35% of total buyers)distribution/communication coverage(65% of target market)annual purchase rate average offering unit price | 5,00,0000.350.65500 50| 2,843,750,000.
Estimating Market Sales Potential of Walls Pakistan:
Variables used to estimate:
Buyers (B) numbers of prospective buyerPrice (P) the price of an average unit Quantity (Q) the quantity of an offering purchased|

Market Sales Potential= B *P *Q
500,000* 50 * 500
Market Sales Potential= 125, 00,000,000.
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