Zara Swotanalysis

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Zara Swot Analysis
Zara was established in Spain, by Amancia Ortega and currently is the second largest clothing company in the world, making it a very strong in it‘s market. It’s so strong in it’s market that other companies are trying to learn from this companies special way of manufacturing and selling.

The Zara clothing company’s focus is to sell designer inspired fashionable quality clothing at an affordable price, which Zara has been successfully doing so since it was established in 1975. One of Zara’s top strengths and reason it has been so successful in an industry so competitive is the ability to produce an item of clothing within as little as only 2 weeks and get it shipped out to it’s stores for customers to purchase. Zara‘s design team has the ability to do this because they take a faster approach at producing clothing items that customers want at the present moment. They find current popular trends and ask consumers what they want and need instead of predicting future trends and spending the average of 5-8 months to develop a collection for a season like other brands do. The one thing that makes Zara different is designs that make it to Zara store racks are low in quantity which cause items to sell out faster. Keeping store inventory low and clothing in demand is key to Zara. Also the styles on store racks are changed every week in order to keep people wanting to come back to see what is new, which in turn keeps customers buying. Another major advantage that makes Zara strong in its market is that it targets the young fashionable consumers who are always looking for the latest hip trends and the older consumer who is looking for a bargain plus a good quality clothing item.

A downside to the company is that Zara only has one manufacturing plant and distribution center in the world which can be a huge weakness and threat, but also a great strength. The threat of having one distribution and manufacturing plant is that if anything was to...
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