Zara Retail

Topics: Fast fashion, Fashion, South Korea Pages: 2 (419 words) Published: June 2, 2014
Out of all the fast fashion stores, Zara has to have the best Quality and Design available.

This coat cost my fiancé $110. She told me if she has bought a similar coat like this someplace else like Banana Republic it would have been double the price of that.

ZARA opened it first US store in Manhattan in 1989

More than 70% of Zara’s sales come from Europe

Since the first store in Manhattan ZARA has opened 44 new stores in the US

That is not a big number for how big the US market can be for them.

Just for a comparison everyone here knows how small Japan is right?

There are 80 stores just in Japan and country that is half the size of Japan, South Korea has 40 stores

US can be a great opportunity to expand their markets they just have to acknowledge some of their problems

Zara is having trouble breaking into the US market.
When we took the case to represent ZARA at first I did not know what ZARA even was. I did not know such company existed. Currently Zara spends about 0.3 percent of its profits for advertisement purposes. It doesn’t matter how successful you are in other countries but to spread the word in the US, advertisement is the key.

Everyone in the US knows that we are in the bigger category when it comes to sizes. I went to ZARA for the first time the other day and boy was I embarrassed. The only thing I can find that will fit me were a pair of socks. (of course I didn’t buy them) I normally wear sizes XL to XXl. I tried on a shirt that was supposed to be an XL. I almost nearly rip that shirt just trying to squeeze in. It felt more like a medium. (and a guy that normally wears an XL trying to squeeze into a medium is no Buenos) So one of the biggest problems ZARA is facing currently is not having bigger sizes available to the customers. With the Obese rate being 30-40% we Americans run on the big side and need bigger clothing

One other small problem Zara is facing, is having limited stock of clothing in...
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