Zara Marketing Case Study Analysis

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Zara Marketing Case Study Analysis:
Design & Development of Integrated Communication Plan for Zara Zara Marketing Case Study Analysis Overview:
 Zara, the world’s biggest retail chain store of Inditex Group was founded by Amancio Ortega in Spain in the year 1975. The most profitable brand of Inditex is headquartered in La Coruna in Spain. The group has global presence in all the continents Asia, Europe, Australia, America and Africa. The business model of Zara is completely based upon the short deadlines, lesser quantities and an impressive range of options for style and clothes. Zara’s success depends upon two critical factors i.e. * Following the trend to be able to sell the garments at particular moment when people demand that kind of style and that too without any advertising. * Trusting the employees for designing the clothes and giving them the power to delegate. Event Analysis

Brand Analysis
The presence of Zara in 74 countries with a network of more than 1900 stores which are ideally located in all the major cities speaks about the strong brand presence of Zara across the globe. The 5 keys which make the Zara’s Business Model a success are: STORE:

It acts as a meeting platform for the Zara fashion brand and the customer. New products are introduced twice a week. It has been found that at the topmost stores of Zara 17visits per year by every customer is done to checkout latest Zara brand clothings. TEAMS:

The Zara teams have an extensive sales knowledge which is totally focused towards the customer. The friendly sales team of brand Zara creates a pleasant and customer friendly environment at Zara. CUSTOMER:

The business Model of Zara brand is totally customer centric therefore customers play leading role in each and every aspect of Zara be it Production, Teams, Logistics or Store designs. DESIGN / PRODUCTION:

The production and designing team of brand Zara is inspired by the stores which are directly connected to the customers. That is why Zara has the specialty of immediately reacting to the latest trends in fashion industry with the help of well managed and efficient team of 186 suppliers and 200 designers. LOGISTICS:

All the clothing’s are designed with keeping in mind the maximum flexibility and it is mostly customer oriented. It hardly takes bare minimum time of 24 hours from receiving order to delivering the product to the store. Branding is unique technique or method of clearly highlighting the features of the product which makes the product or service different and, much more attractive than the competitors. It also reflects the customer’s experience of the business and has impact on every interaction business has with its customers and suppliers. Successful branding means promoting all the strengths the business has. Zara has strengths like: * Faster delivery of newer products

* Effective Value chain Management
* Latest Design and Trends
Audience Analysis
The target audience of Zara through this event would be fashionable consumer which is more educated, demanding and fashion savvy. This ‘New breed of shoppers’ is found to be loyal and loves freshness and variety. The fashionable consumers of Zara buy because of interest which gives them pleasure and enjoyment and is a meaning of self-expression. That is why their purchasing experiences are fantasy, fun, social or emotional gratifications which result in impulsive buying behavior. Involvement is another aspect of consumers as they attach some meaning to the clothes they buy because there is major role of fashion which is being played by fashion in their society. The main drivers which make them buy Zara clothing’s are projection of desired self-image and their individual motives as well. Personal, aesthetic and economic values guide their consumer behavior. The emotional factors which influence the consumer behavior are: * Short span of decision time.

* Feeling of getting constrained
* More impulsive...
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