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Topics: Data warehouse, Decision support system, Business intelligence Pages: 2 (476 words) Published: November 14, 2012
Three generations of Data Management in Decision Support
1. Early 1970s
- required a repository of data : sourced from operational system + other data (e.g. external data)
- Data was customized for the specific DSS
- Application-centric approach : data support a single or a few related applications used to help make the business case for the warahouse - Sprague provided the Data-Dialog-Models (DDM) paradigm

2. Late 1980s
- Telecommunications, retailing and financial services industries built warehouses to store vast amounts of customer and sales-related data - These industries remain leaders in terms of the size of the warehouses and how the warehouses are used - Data-centric approach : support a variety of applications

3. In 2000
- the movement to real-time data warehousing
- changes in the way that warehouse data is used
- different :
* Previous : data aims to understand what had already happened and to predict what would happen in the future * limit to influence real-time decisions and current operations * Now : real-time data (current decisions and critical business process) such as customer-facing and supply chain applications can be significantly enhanced

Real or Right Time ?
- Incorrect concept applied to warehousing : real-time = instantaneous - Reason : much of warehouse data cannot be captured and entered into the warehouse in seconds or minutes. * expensive
* difficult to make real-time
* may not be a business need for real-time data
- Example : Some source systems, e.g. a legacy COBOL program, is undated once a month

Continental Airlines
- a leader in real-time business intelligence
- won The Data Warehousing Institute’s prestigious Best Practices and Leadership Awards - Real-time data warehouse : provide the data that is required to implement real-time BI
- Firms can use BI to affect current decision making and business processes by usine real-time - Importance : especially for...
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