Zap! It’s the Future

Topics: Clothing, T-shirt, Future Pages: 3 (931 words) Published: October 20, 2009
Assignment Eight
Discussion of how effectively the image reflects the content of the magazine article

“Zap! It’s the future”, a magazine article by author Chris Wood. The magazine article consists with the idea’s, that how the future will affect our life, and what will be the technologies that we will be using in our daily lives. In the magazine article there is also an illustration, by Leif Peng. If we look at illustration very carefully we can see that every detail in the picture is highly connected with the technologies mentioned in the article. Let’s start with the simplest detail we see in the picture, which in this case is a T-shirt. T-shirts are really simple to make! Nowadays they are made just from simple fabric, as we know. But what about the future, what will they be made off in the future? According to the magazine article the scientists from Japan’s Fuji Spinning are hoping to sell a new kind of a T-shirt, and real soon. They are saying that they are making a new kind of T-shirt which will exude our daily dose of Vitamin C, which will be absorbed through the skin, through more than 30 washings. The scientists also say that other vitamins and medicines are also promised. In contrast the scientists from Tactex Controls Inc. of Victoria are making a thin rubber film, likewise embedded with optics, which can be placed beneath fabric so they can make it responsive to touch. Besides Tactex, Israeli Vission Enterprises Ltd. are putting video on textiles by weaving them with fibre-optics threads that glow where they crisscross. The Tactex president Rob Inkster imagines new technology married to a fabric display like Visson’s: “There’s a patch on your T-shirt or sleeve. It looks like a cellphone and you can use it like a cellphone. A moment later, it looks like a video game and you can play it.” Or as he says maybe it just goes back to looking like a T-shirt. These technologies are really something; who would imagine few years ago to put on a T-shirt...
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