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I. Zakat is one of the five pillars of Islam, which has been made obligatory by Allah to each and every Muslim to carry out. According to the basic principles of zakat, the zakat institution has to be established first within Muslim society in a well-organized way. II. The zakat institution should be under the responsibility of the Muslim Government or it also can be under the special Muslim supervisory body that has been appointed by that Government. Zakat management in Malaysia is under the authority of state government. III. The roles of zakat institution are not only to collect the zakat dues but also to distribute the zakat funds to thezakat recipients, so called asnaf. IV. Zakat is being collected from variety of sources such as individuals as well as corporate companies, while later on is distributed to the eight groups of recipients (asnaf) like what has been mentioned by Allah in his Holy Quran. V. The total of zakat collection has been increased drastically yearly right now. It might be due to some factors like easy paying method (for instance, we can pay zakat via Internet banking right now), efficiency of zakat management, zakat institution privatization, escalation of zakat payers and their incomes and so on. VI. Even though the management of zakat collection is getting better from year to year but the issue of zakat distribution still cause a lot of problems, arguments as well as discussions. VII. The difficulty with the distribution methods, distribution process to the qualified and unqualified asnaf, the problem with poverty that is still happen even though the zakat distribution has been implemented, some zakat institution having shortage zakat fund while some having surplus, are among the issues that has decreased the performance and achievement of the zakat institution itself. VIII. The issue with zakat distribution is very crucial since it might cause dissatisfaction among the people who pay zakat which later on might lead them to pay zakat directly to asnaf, without going through zakat institution which it will cause a lot of problems later. The issues about leak of zakat collection and rough distribution among asnaf might happen if zakat payers pay zakat directly to asnaf especially to the needy and poor people


I. Zakat literally has been derived from the Arabic root word that carries the meanings of “that which purifies”, as well as “that which fosters”, i.e. growth and the meaning of growth of zakat is that by paying zakat, it might lead to the escalation of property in this world and also development of religious merit in the hereafter. II. Zakat also has been mentioned in the Holy Quran together with other terms such as sadaqat (donation), which also carries the meaning of connotation of giving and charity. III. According to syara’, zakat means spending some specific property to be given or paid to the asnaf as they are entitled to receive the zakat funds, which they are in line with the conditions stipulated by syara’.


I. Zakat has been divided into two main categories, zakat of al-Fitr and also zakat of wealth. II. Zakat of al-Fitr is the zakat, which need to be paid by Muslims once a year during the month of Ramadan before the Muslims festive season celebration known as Eid Mubarak III. Zakat of al-Fitr is also being referred as a zakat of the body. IV. For zakat of wealth, there are a few categories under it, including zakat of business, zakat of saving, zakat of income, zakat of gold and silver, zakat of poultry (for instance like cow, goat and so on), zakat of fruits and grain, zakat of entrenchment, zakat of investment as well as zakat of Employees Provident Fund (EPF) saving.


I. There are eight groups of people who are qualified to receive zakat, as mentioned by Allah in His...
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