Zahid Motiv

Topics: Motivation, Better, Plan Pages: 2 (566 words) Published: December 25, 2012
Case: Motivating Different Individuals

Key Issue: Motivation

Sub Issue: Satisfaction.

Motivation can be used to create an urge to perform better. Various things can act as the motivation factor, by creating that urge we can motivate employees to work harder. Different motives operate in different people at different times at different situations and lead to different impact, usually giving an impetus to react in a different manner.

Satisfaction is not same as motivation. It is an attitude, an individual’s internal state. Satisfaction is determined by both actual rewards received & perceived level of rewards from the organization for a given Standard of performance.

Zahid: He is a young man of 28, married bearing a child and is drawing handsome salary of Rs.320000 annually .To improve his performance I would suggest following strategies: * Recognition for achievement.

* More freedom of action or less supervision.
To my perception recognition for achievement and more freedom of action or less supervision are the best strategies to improve Zahid’s performance. Zahid looks very hardworking who works vigorously to line up the drugs of his firms. These two strategies will give a boast to him to work even harder for his firm. It will motivate him and make him more confident to do this tiresome job.

Sadaf: She is 25, married and has 2 children and is currently pursuing a master’s degree. Her annual income is Rs.150000.For her I would suggest following strategies: * A salary increase.
* An individual incentive plan.
* More freedom of action or less supervision
Sadaf seems very hard worker and careful person, as she has a well reputation among staff. She bears lot of responsibilities as a head peadritic nurse and mother of two. So by increasing Sadaf’s income or by designing incentive plans for her will help Sadaf to shoulder her responsibilities better and in turn will make her more competent...
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