Zachman Framework

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Zachman Framework Overview

The Zachman framework is a grid of artefacts used to describe an Enterprise Architecture. It is a logical construction blueprint for defining and controlling integration of systems and their components, which provides for six windows from which to view the enterprise. Zachman’s key insight was to consider the problem of EA in two dimensions as shown in figure 1 below. The first dimension is the various levels of abstraction that businesses rely upon, including models of the technology in an enterprise, the systems that compose that technology, and the business that uses the systems. The second dimension consists of “W” questions: What, hoW, Where, Who, When, and Why.

For an enterprise,
What represents the information that flows through the organization and its extended enterprise; hoW represents the functions and capabilities of the various parts of the organization, including the business processes; Where consists of the network that pulls together the information and functions, both in the technical sense as well as in the business sense of a network of business relationships; Who is the people or the organization itself;

When includes all scheduling and timing issues throughout the company; Why represents the motivations of the business to take the actions it does–in other words, the business strategy. It is the key attribute of Zachman framework that drives the rest of the “W”s in the EA framework.

SOA as an Enterprise Architecture Overview

SOA is an architectural (IT) approach that enables the creation of loosely coupled, interoperable business services that can be easily shared among applications that support different business lines. It is also an application framework that takes everyday business applications, breaks them into individual business function and processes (services), and inter-relates them through well-defined interfaces and contracts. The interfaces are independent of the hardware, operating systems, and programming languages in which the services are implemented. This allows services that are built on different platforms to interact with each other universally. It makes application components and services easier to integrate and evolve over time without disrupting the applications that rely on them, thus improving the efficiency and agility of the total system solutions.

Notice that the Zachman Framework laid out in figure 1 below for Peachtree IT infrastructure covers the gamut from purely business models, like business strategy, business locations, and the organizational hierarchy, all the way to deeply technical models, including detailed network, security, and data specifications. The Framework also serves to organize and promote the different points of view of an enterprise that different people will hold. Some people will have a more data-centric perspective, while others focus on the management hierarchy; some individuals live among the nitty gritty details, while others seek the big picture. The Zachman Framework points out that all such views — and many more — are every bit as important as all the others in obtaining a complete view of the workings of the enterprise.

Peachtree Healthcare - Zachman EA framework
Figure 1

Objective / Scope
Quality, Consistency, Reliability of health care services across the Peachtree’s enterprise. Identify Peachtree’s significant healthcare and care delivery events with minimal business impact beginning from low to high risk approach in a limited scale. Ancillary clinics, physician practices, trauma centers, rehab facilities, nursing home and all parties supported under the umbrella of Peachtree organization. Computerized clinical information of patient’s and health care delivery information. Peachtree’s standardized designation of fundamental processes shared across a regional network of 11...
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