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The Art of Zac Posen’s
Social branding

Course Title: Graduate Diploma Fashion Management
JIAYING LI (LI_13403845)
Unit: Fashion Business Environment


This essay presents the impact of social issue change on people’s buying behavior and influences traditional designers working style, this also reflects on modern fashion industry. Fundamentally, the huge success of social network and celebrity branding has also become a new trend, to which leads designers to a brand a new business style. It is true that the buying habits of consumers are being influenced by social and other environmental issues. This will be explored further by example of the designer brand ZAC POSEN’ s subsequent strategies and marketing concept developed imaginatively within this framework.

As social media continues to develop rapidily, fashion brands from haute couture to high street, have changed their attitudes for building up their brand image fundamentally. Thus emphasizing that hot social issues affects the fashion industry profoundly. As a matter of fact, fashion is a business, which boosts Asia’s economic development. Fashion branding has changed their service pattern to satisfy consumers from different backgrounds, especially in the Middle-Eastern and Chinese market. For instance, the brand ZAC POSEN has several significant changes in recent years, to discover the methods of social branding by studying ZAC POSEN, is a good way to understand the new sprit of fashion business. Methods

Hot issues affects fashion industrial during 21st century
Living in a global environment, people encounter many social ascpects on a daily basis, such as politics and religion. It can be say that, Bush decided to invade Iraq in April 2001, six months before September 11th, and the official reason was to improve Western access to Iraqi oil. After the Iraq war, the government of United States started to lose their public trust. (, a rise in international oil prices was also seen, which directly affected the transportation industry. Similarly, the cost of clothing materials increased and thus also becoming a reason for different retailers to increase the products price tag. Most consumers were affected by different kinds of social issues, such as those noted. As the environment is continuously changing, it is important to observe the fashion industry in the economy, and the connection between social issues and fashion, should be taken into consideration.

Banking crisis affects EU, USA fashion retailer
Retail sales in the UK fell by 2.1 percent in September on a like-for-like basis compared to the same month a year earlier. Total sales, which also take into account sales at stores opened or closed in the intervening year, were also down 0.8 percent on September 2013, marking the worst performance since late 2008 when the global financial system was in melt-down. Also, the Indian summer wrought havoc on Britain’s retailers, setting off the poorest sales performance since December 2008, when Britain was in the darkest days of the banking crisis. (Nathalie Thomas.2014) It can be seem that economic issues such as the banking crisis has had a strong affect upon Europe’s fashion retailers. However, it has slightly improvemened in recent years, especially in the U.K. inflation reduces the purchasing power of people living on fixed incomes, people feel depressed of their government, they had to trim a lot off their fashion budget for pay their living bills....

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