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USA 1910-29 Depth Study
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Introduction This booklet will seriously help you to prepare brilliantly for the summer exams! You should complete as many practice questions as you can using the following process: Revise a unit from this booklet (make sure to do this in an ACTIVE way e.g make revision cards/ spider diagrams/test yourself) Look carefully at the guidance on how to answer the exam questions at the back of this booklet Choose a question on the unit from the practice questions booklet and write your practice answer to it (in timed conditions without your revision notes) Remember to use the sample writing frames and sentence starters from the guidance at the end of this booklet if you are unsure how to structure it Mark it using the mark scheme and give it to your teacher to look at


Unit 1: What were the main Political and Social challenges facing the American people during this period? Key topic questions: What was the problem of immigration 1910-29? What was the problem created by communism? What were the racial problems 1910-29? What were the religious problems 1910-29?

- What was Prohibition, why was it introduced and why did it fail? - What was the ‘Era’ of the Gangsters? - What was the extent of Government Corruption?


What was the problem of immigration 1910-1929?

What was the ‘Open Door Policy’?



USA is a multicultural and multiracial society This is a result of a successive wave of immigrants who mainly came from Europe Over 40 million by 1919 A melting pot of different races, cultures, religions and languages Encouraged by the US government who wanted to populate the continent Entry into the country was made as easy as possible


(A) Why did people want to emigrate to America?



Space America had plenty of farm land and growing cities Economic Opportunity American Industry and business led the world Land of the Free The American Bill or Rights guaranteed freedom of religion, speech and press Wages Wages were higher than in Europe Natural Resources America had plenty of natural resources such as oil, timber and minerals

Overcrowding Many European cities were overcrowded Lack of Opportunity Much of Europe was class based. It was difficult for poor people to improve their position Persecution Many people were persecuted in their own countries for political or religious reasons Unemployment Many workers in Europe found themselves out of work


• • • Most immigrants arrived by sea

What happened at Ellis Island?

More than 70% landed at Ellis Island near New York During the peak periods as many as 5000 people a day would pass through immigration control The processing involved medical and legal examinations and took between three and five hours For the unlucky ones there was a return trip home

(C) Why did the government pass acts to limit immigration and what did the acts say?

As numbers of immigrants began to rise, some Americans began to resent the government’s Open Door Policy. Resentment against ‘new immigrants’ from southern and eastern Europe (13 million between 1900 and 1914) grows.

New immigrants were resented because: - The fear of Communism after the Russian Revolution frightened many Americans. They thought immigrants would bring Communist ideas to America Many were poor and illiterate (Not skilled) They were blamed for crimes like Prostitution and Drunkeness People thought they were taking all the jobs WW1 meant German immigrants were hated and the USA did not want to be involved in the world Many were Catholic or Jewish – different cultural and religious background. They were not WASPS


1. The Literacy Test – 1917 Immigrants had to pass a series of tests to prove that they could read and write. Many poorer immigrants (Eastern Europe) had no education and so...
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