Yves Saint Laurent

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Tribute Speech

Specific Goal: My goal today is to give praise to Yves Saint Laurent and offer the audience some insight into this brilliant fashion designer.


I. “Fashions fade, style is eternal.” – Yves Saint Laurent II. For over forty years he made women look sexy with his innovative designs that broke through the preceding fashion mold. III. Any woman fortunate enough to own an original Yves Saint Laurent owes him a debt of gratitude. IV. His ingenious deigns not only made women feel and look beautiful, but he also pushed the limits of suitable women’s wear. V. Unfortunately Yves Saint Laurent passed away in June 2008, but his contributions to women’s fashion will continue on.

Thesis: One of the great couturiers of the late 20th century, Yves Saint Laurent was incomparable with his versatility, flawless sense of proportion, and artistic gift for color.


I. History [Transition: Who was Yves Saint Laurent?] a. Yves was born August 1, 1936 in Oran, Algeria. He had a very privileged childhood as he came from a very affluent family. b. His talent became apparent as a teenager when he entered the International Wool Secretariat sponsored competition and won for his black cocktail dress design. c. In 1955, Michel de Brunhoff, the French Vogue editor, visited Saint Laurent’s school and was intrigued by the similarity of Yves sketches and Christian Dior’s A line collection. i. Brunhoff introduced Yves to Dior and Dior immediately hired him. d. After the sudden death of Christian Dior, when Yves Saint Laurent was just 21, he became the head designer of the most renowned couture house in Paris. e. In September of 1960, Yves was drafted into the army and was replaced at Dior. ii. In November 1960, a breakdown led to an immediate discharge from the army. f. A year after returning from the army, Saint Laurent opened his own couture house.

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