Topics: Id, ego, and super-ego, Alter ego, Self Pages: 3 (812 words) Published: October 9, 2014
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whwhe5yjkfjdkwagfaygfyuerfgrygfyuegfuyeragfiuarehgijeaglruuhg afjhbfmhafgkqwgfyuwabfhwegfhr3qyfgewyqrgqhe4gfuy43gfyur3gfukq5vyu3rgkfu35 3tgkwjgiher3trfrrgetrtgwetgt4 In the book Black Swan Green, written by David Mitchell, Jason Taylor, who was the main character, is dealing with problems with who he really is; his self-identity; inner/true self. every time Jason would refer to himself it wouldn’t be with “I” if not with his alternative naming for himself. All of these “alter-egos” in which jason uses aren’t really nice. They don’t really identify his true self and aren’t great ways to identify ones self. Jason uses names such as Unborn Twin, Maggot and Hangman. He uses these names to represent different aspects of his weird; unique personality. The nickname “Unborn Twin” is one of the common three. Jason uses this name to represent his independent unknown life. it’s almost as if this name doesn’t really let Jason express his true identity. In the book, it shows how when Jason tries to express a emotion or true feeling about himself the “Unborn Twin” kind of stops him from doing it. Almost as if he was putting tape around his mouth or biting his tongue. As expressed in the book by Mitchell,” ‘You will drink a little?’ A whole glass, said Unborn Twin.” (145). This comes to show how in a way “Unborn Twin” kind of protects Jason and his decisions, but on the other hand its like if all of his “alter egos” are having a conversation in his mind. There are times where Jason’s conscience and “Unborn Twin kind of disagree, but “Unborn Twin” already has Jason mind under his powers. This is the reason why all the “alter egos” don’t get a long for anything. Especially “Maggot” and “Unborn Twin”. Now comes Mr. “Alter Ego” “Maggot”. Throughout the book “Maggot” was known to be as the big bully. He would try and control Jason like...
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