Topics: Food, Nutrition, Food safety Pages: 2 (449 words) Published: March 12, 2013
Investigation into sustainable and safe food practices
‘How can the food and hospitality industry create meals that provide safe and hygienic food full of flavor and high nutritional value’

Food is considered to be the main source of energy and nutrition; it should not be where people experience food poisoning due to unsafe practicing with food.

One way the food and hospitality industry can stop unsafe practicing with food is to make sure that when purchasing food they only deal with well known and good suppliers to make sure that the food is good when it is purchased before using it. Once the food is then received and has been checked that it is safe, the food needs to be stored carefully and correctly. They need to be stored in the right place in the correct temperature depending on what the food is. Then once the food has been correctly stored in the right place and temperature then it is essential that safe practices are put into place when preparing the food. The food and hospitality industry must be aware of the risks when preparing the food, such as cross contamination. Cross contaminating foods is dangerous and can sometimes be fatal. The food also needs to be washed and handled correctly to ensure safe preparation. Not only does the food have to be washed and clean before it is cooked, the equipment that has been used (knives, cutting boards) also need to be washed correctly before being used again. When cooking the food it needs to be cooked at a high enough temperature to make sure that all the bacteria has been destroyed and that the food has been cooked thoroughly through before serving it to someone.

There are about 5.4 million cases of food poisoning in Australia each year and about 120 people die each year due to food poisoning. If the food and hospitality industry create foods that provide safe and hygienic food then these numbers will be lowered. The people that are more at risk of experiencing food poisoning are the sick, elderly,...

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