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Topics: Adolescence, Puberty, Developmental psychology Pages: 4 (1099 words) Published: April 19, 2010
Adolescent Development

I am going to discuss the factors affecting young people during adolescent development. I will be exploring the physical and physiological, psychological, and social impact of change in adolescent, and the theories relating to the stages of development and identity formation.

Adolescence is the period of transition to adulthood. The first thing I am going to consider is the physical and physiological changes associated with adolescence. During this time a young person will experience physical and emotional changes. This can take 5 years or more and is a long process.

At this period of rapid growth and sexual development in adolescence is called puberty. Growth and development of the body is controlled by chemicals called hormones. There is an increase in strength and height which if it occurs quickly it may cause the young person to have balance and co-ordination difficulties. It is difficult to determine specific times when the developmental changes occur; these will differ from person to person. However girls develop approximately two years earlier than boys. In girls during this period menstruation begins and physical changes happen such as breasts, pubic hair, body hair and sexual organs begin to grow. Changes In boys, pubic hair, facial hair and body hair begin to grow, including sexual organs testes and penis. The testosterone increasing sexual urges and erections, the pituary gland is responsible for releasing the hormones which have an effect on boys and girls.

Hormones have a significant effect on young people; the signs may be changes in attitude and behaviour. A young person may experience feelings of anxiety, confusion, delusion, anger, frustration, fear, stress and humiliation. They may have a low opinion of themselves and their abilities and have anger they don’t know how to express in a productive way. Additional factors include culture expectations, peer pressure, pressure to achieve and there may be relationship...
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