Youth, Where Are We?

Topics: Young, Youth, Ageism Pages: 2 (581 words) Published: August 26, 2013
“Youth, where are we?”

“Batang-bata ka pa at marami ka pang kailangang malaman at intindihin sa mundo . ‘Yan ang totoo.”

Along come the lyrics of a known Apo Hiking Society song. As said, it shows that the youth is unaware of what is truly happening in our society. But where could the youth be really being in the bigger picture?

Addiction in drugs and alcohol, early pregnancy, out-of-school youth, crimes involving very young children, technology addiction and increasing rates of rebellion are only some of the most common issues concerning the youth of today. Just as how the elderly describe the today’s generation, they infer a big comparison between how the youth acts today than it was in the past generations. They say that in today’s generation it’s as if everything is possible. Even as early as 7-9 years old, children are already aware of sex even though that they shouldn’t be. Others blame the easy access through internet as a big reason on why their children gain enough information about these adult thingy. And as a result of this, parents usually prevent their children on too much access through this as to protect them too. But usually it results to the rebellion of their children that engages them to have more time and concern with their peers. And as it goes, other problems also occurs involving knowledge on using drugs and drinking alcohol, learning minor crimes and being not concerned on what their grades would be. And this all leads to miserable issues that makes the society problematic about the youth of today.

“Batang-bata ako at nalalaman ko ‘to. Inaamin ko rin na kulang ang aking nalalaman at nauunawaan. Ngunit kahit ganyan ang kinalalagyan, alam mo na may karapatan ang bawat nilalang kahit bata pa man, kahit bata pa man.. “

After all the issues, where could possibly the youth be in now?

“Age doesn’t matter.” Yeah right. And that’s what we are trying to implement. Usually, elderly isolate the youth from getting involved in such...
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