Youth Violence

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Youth Violence

Every night the evening news covers a series of stories dealing with the events of the day and not a night passes without the mention of violence. Even more concerning is the reality that many of those violent acts are committed by children and young people who are students in a school community. Just last month an eight year old girl in Washington was severely injured in a school classroom by a bullet shot that went off from a gun in a fellow classmate’s bookbag. The alarming reality of violence among young people was the issue addressed in an article published over a decade ago in The Journal of Emotional & Behavioral Disorders. In the article titled “Youth Violence: Psychosocial Risk Factors, Treatment, Prevention, and Recommendations,” Kashani et al (1999) provide a description of several psychosocial factors associated with violent behavior among young people and a review of the treatment approaches, prevention programs and recommendations that are available for the range of indivuals (parents, mental health professionals, etc) who deal with violent youth. The article begins with statistics that indicate that the arrest rates for violent offenses committed by youth in the United States is greater when compared to neighboring countries like Canada (as cited in Kashani et al, 1999). Further, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (1997) the “arrest rate for juveniles still remains disproportionately high when compared to other age groups” (as cited in Kashani et al, 1999) Gathering from a range of statistics, the article provides three particular reasons for the projected increase in youth violence: First, there is an increase in youth population; Secondly, research has found that children who have developed violent behavior tend to carry the cycle of violent and criminal behavior into their adulthood; and lastly, the study indicates that there has been a significant shift towards the incarceration of violent...

References: Kashani, J., Jones, M., Bumby, K. & Thomas, L. (1999). Youth Violence: Psychosocial
Risk Factors, Treatment, Prevention, and Recommendations. Journal of
Emotional & Behavioral Disorders, 200-210. doi: 10.1177/106342669900700402
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