Youth Unemployment

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Canadian Youth Unemployment

Youth unemployment, which encompasses individuals in the age range of 15 to 24, is the demographic that is the most likely to be unemployed. This can often be attributed to the difficult time youth may have transitioning from school to work, especially for those who have neither experience nor education to secure a job in the current labor market. The purpose of this report is to discuss the current youth unemployment rate, comparing it to the real unemployment rate, comparing it to the U.S. youth unemployment and any trends that are either occurring because of the youth unemployment rate, or that are influencing the youth unemployment rate.

Current Youth Unemployment Rate

The current youth unemployment rate sits at 14% as of January, 2014. The youth unemployment rate, although high, is certainly not as bad as the post-recession numbers in 2008, which went as high as 16.4%. The youth unemployment rate, however, has yet to re-adjust completely back to pre-recession numbers which were as low as 8%. This post-recession era has made it much more difficult for youth to get hired, as the labor markets are still recovering from the great recession that occurred in 2008.

One of the worst in the country, Ontario sits between 16 and 17.1 percent in its youth unemployment. Which is 2-3 percent higher than the regular Canadian youth unemployment rate. The cities within Ontario which seem to be affected the worst by this are Windsor at 24.7 percent, London at 20.3 percent, and Toronto at 18.1 percent. When compared to Alberta's 8.9% youth unemployment rate, it is quite astonishing to see such a stark contrast of youth unemployment, although understandable as youth in Alberta have access to jobs in a booming oil sector, unlike their Ontarian counterparts. Compared to real unemployment

The youth unemployment rate in countries all over the world, has...

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