Youth the Agents of Change

Topics: Youth, Development, Need Pages: 2 (439 words) Published: October 4, 2010
* All young people of differing ages and abilities including the most marginalised are entitled to be informed and get involved in any matter concerning them. * Children have a right to say what they think should happen, when adults are making decisions that affect them. Adults have a responsibility to take children’s opinions into account. * Young people offer development actors new and critical assets to help overcome existing challenges in the developing countries.  

* youth has fresh, creative ideas and perspectives which can be very helpful in finding solutions to development problems. This idea is becoming increasingly important at the World Bank; in fact, a recent discussion—the first of a planned series of such dialogues—focused on role of youth as changemakers in international development and society-at-large.

*  “by not supporting young people to fulfill their capacity, your country is growing by 2 percentage points less GDP per year, than if you were actually helping these [young] people."

Youth has already been making an impact in different ways, including: * Addressing local development challenges in their communities * Monitoring service provision at different levels
* Building relations between the state and society by collaborating with youth “champions” within government

As youth development professionals, part of our task is to guide youth as they change and grow into adults. Extension agents are called upon to be agents of change, to take what is and make it into what could be. We consciously or unconsciously have a vision of what we want to develop in youth in order for them to become productive citizens. In this time of transition, our youth will need unique qualities in order to be successful in life. As change agents, we not only guide youth through changes, we work with individuals, groups, and communities to improve the quality of children's lives. To do this, we must be empowered ourselves....
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