Youth on Filipino Patriotism

Topics: Philippines, Emilio Aguinaldo, Philippine Revolution Pages: 4 (1235 words) Published: October 23, 2006

Youth on Patriotism; "How Far Would You Go For Your Country?"
The past has been a breeding ground of the patriotic, the noble, and the brave. Many a hero was born and numerous cries for nationalism, honor for one's country and justice have been heard echoing through the walls of Philippine history. Filipinos then hungered for the chance to show their dedication to their motherland. They were ready to fight to the last breath, to give up their soul, to die for their country…this was true patriotism…offering what they had for the sake of their motherland without hesitation for what they wanted was recognition of the true Filipino citizen.

Jose Rizal, Apolinario Mabini, Emilio Aguinaldo, Gabriela and Diego Silang, Andres Bonifacio, and Lapu-Lapu, to name only a few of the Filipino heroes who gave up their lives for the country's freedom against foreign oppression. They fought with their bolos, charging into war sometimes even if they were unprepared. The rest reached out through the pen. They wrote the truth about what was going on in the Philippines which sparked the Filipinos' thirst for freedom and they boldly faced the Spaniards with their shield that was patriotism.

But that was the past and we are now the present. The past when patriotism sprung forth in fountains through the youth, it seems to be dead with the youth of today. Gone were the days when they gave allegiance to the Philippine flag, or the triumphant and proud singing of the national anthem and the heartfelt Philippine pledge. Gone are the words "I'm proud to be Filipino" for now we ourselves look down on our heritage and culture. Sometimes there is an impression that we are ashamed. And maybe we are, but this should not be.

We were left with a legacy by past patriots, nationalists and heroes. Shall we allow this honorable and much fought for legacy to go to waste during our time? It would be a disgrace and disrespect to those who worked hard to accomplish true patriotism. It is up to...
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