Youth Gun Violence

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Youth Gun Violence
Every time I look around someone is dying. Its so crazy how close this topic is to me. I chose this topic on a Tuesday and on the very next day (Wednesday) a close friend of mine was shot and killed. So as I write his Essay I can't help but to think about him, his name was Alex Bland 21yr old. From the years of 2002-2006, 687 Chicago youth were killed by guns, and firearms are used in 10 out of 14 murder-suicide in Illinois. In 2005 71% (435) of the homicides and 36% (164) of suicides were committed with firearm from close by Counties.

Its crazy how young people is just wasting their lives and other lives in Chicago. Its not just in Chicago, its all over the U.S.A. The U.S centers of Disease Control and Prevention reports that in 2007 35%of teens nationwide reported that they knew someone who had been shot. That's crazy because 92% of Chicago youth killed by firearm involved handguns. Everyday in the U.S guns cause the death of 20 children and young people under the age of 25. Last year 56% of teens nationwide reported that they believed that the Government wouldn't care if they were a victim of gun violence.

This isn't just one race either this is all races. African Americans make up 13% of the population but in 2001 suffered almost 25% of all firearm deaths- and 52% of all firearm homicides. That increased over time from the year 99-05 from 10%-81%. White Americans account for 40% of the population and 80% of firearm suicides in 2001. Homicides and aggravated assault with a firearm both increased by 10%from 2004-2006. I asked this Question on facebook ”I have to do a paper on youth gun violence.. So I would like to know some of the reasons you believe there is so much gun violence from our youth?” and got back a few responses like: neglect from parents, parents not knowing who their kids friends are, parents letting their kids do wateva they want, not takin control ova their kids & different situations they go thrgh, not...
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