Youth During the Time of Rizal

Topics: Philippines, Philippine Revolution, José Rizal Pages: 5 (1663 words) Published: March 16, 2013
Youth during the time of Rizal
And the Modern times


Filipinos are known to be brave, especially if the one they’re fighting for is worth it. As former Sen. Ninoy Aquino said: “Filipinos are worth dying for”. He is right because if we are going to reminisce the past, Filipinos are good people who want a simple life and a peaceful country. Reform in the country was met by spirituous youths who wanted make a better country for the following generations. From the time of colonization up to the present era, different faces of young Filipinos show up to lead and create a meaningful life. The question now lies in, do the youths in the time of Rizal as compared to the present believe in the same line and follows the same level of thinking? How does the youths in the time of Rizal differ from the youths of today?


Filipinos are once invaded by the Spanish colonizers before Americans and Japanese came in our country. When the Spaniards came to the Philippines, they wanted to establish the so called 3G (glory, gold and government). At first, they want to spread Christianity among Filipinos. As a result, our ancestors became too religious that even in this generation follow superstitious beliefs, especially our old grandparents. Secondly, they discovered that Philippines have rich and bountiful resources so they planned to get all of our treasures for them to become more powerful. Lastly, they wanted the Filipinos to become their slaves, and to rule over the Philippines. When the Spaniards first settled in our land, they shared their culture or ways of life, like food to eat and clothes to wear, that’s why some of our traits came from them. On the contrary, they don’t want Filipinos to learn their native language because they are afraid that Filipinos may discover their plans. In return, they might fight them back, and uprising may happen in the land. Spaniards are very witty that when they first came in our country they made blood compact or “sandugo”. It is a solemn promise between two people as a symbol of friendship. Behind that friendly meeting is a negative purpose of colonizing the country and ruling over the inhabitants as their subjects of rulership. Education for Filipinos during that time is very limited. It is only confined among Spaniards or Filipinos who have Spanish blood. Wealthy ‘indios’ or Filipinos as called by the Spaniards (for they know nothing) were given privilege to study but poor ones were taught field chores like farming or fishing. For the Spaniards, wisdom may lead the ‘indios’ to become intelligent and later on conspire among one another to evict the colonizers. ‘Indios’ learned basic Education, like basic Mathematics or counting with the help of objects (e.g. wood sticks, stones, etc.). Male youngsters are also taught by their parents how to catch fish, while female youngsters are taught how to sew clothes. They believe that man is superior to woman. Man must raise the family through earning a living and the woman to stay at home, taking care of the kids and doing household chores. Because Filipinos are very eager and willing to achieve their self-identity, some of them studied outside the country to overcome ignorance including our National Hero, Dr. Jose Rizal. They called those people as “Illustrados” or group of Filipinos who were educated in the Western world. Their main aim is to achieve freedom and self-government from the Spaniards, but they don’t want total separation from the headship of the colonizers. They want to learn and be guided by them for they believe in their superb intelligence and ability to lead in rule. Through proper education, these illustrados could prepare themselves to be future leaders of the country, under the flagship of Spain. As an illustrado, Dr. Jose Rizal strived hard to study outside the country and learned many languages to prepare himself as he go back to his own country. With the help of other illustrados, they made an...
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