Youth and Example Manifesto

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Example Manifesto 1
Young people in Kent deserve an opportunity to have a say.  What they think, what they want – we all have different opinions.  Electing me is your opportunity, for a voice, for a feeling, for an idea.  If I’m elected, we can fight the issues that affect us and our county. I would like to campaign on the following issues:

1. The opportunity for youth to experience work
2. Stamp out bullying and anti-social behaviour
3. Cheaper activities for all young people.
Example Manifesto 2
I am passionate about my campaign issues, the people I work with and getting the most for them.  I feel I would be a good candidate as I want to contribute as much as I can.  I will listen, work hard to make our area as good as it can be.  

I will campaign on:
1. Cheaper weekend activity including cinema 
2. Cheaper Transport
3. Funding for youth clubs

Example Manifesto 3
I will make a good member of KYCC as I’m firmly committed to equality & opportunities. Young people deserve to be heard as we have a voice of reason - we are the future! I want to serve our best interests now & make our future a place to be proud of. I would like to campaign on the following issues:

1. Environmental Issues
2. Funding for University places, schools and youth groups
3. Transport (Adult fares 16-18, when still in education)
Example Manifesto 4
I regularly attend a youth centre for my own benefit and help out the staff weekly with disabled young people. I want to include more young people to join a youth club to get them out of trouble.  I want to change the stereotypical image of young people. I would like to campaign on the following issues:

1. Keep Kent youth services running
2. Fighting to keep a youth service in Kent for the benefit of disabled young people  3. Provide a positive image of young people
Example Manifesto 5
I’m a bubbly person who works hard in everything I do.  I’m dedicated, trustworthy, enjoy a good laugh, always on the...
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