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Towards Effective Oral Communication For The Youth


What is Communication?
Communication can be defined as the exchange of thoughts, information or messages between individuals, as well as the sending and receiving of information using speech, writing and gestures. Messages must be sent and received for communication to take place. Some examples of effective communication skills include reading, writing, speaking, listening, giving feedback and observing. The resources in this manual focus on developing these skills related to public speaking skills.

1. Characteristics of an Effective Speaker
Until recently many psychologists believed that the most crucial characteristic of an effective speaker is his prestige. In other words, it was believed that any speaker who possesses prestige could cause the audience to submit to his message regardless of the logicality or illogicality of the message. Recent studies by social psychologists suggest that though prestige is necessary, it is not a sufficient factor in persuasive communication. Research indicates the following speaker characteristics for an effective speech.

Put simply, expertness refers to the degree to which the speaker is perceived by the audience to possess comprehensive knowledge on the subject matter. Trustworthiness
There are two issues to trustworthiness. First a source is less likely to be believed the audience perceived him to have something to gain if his message is accepted. Second, if the source is perceived from the outset to have a defined intention to persuade, it is less likely he will be perceived worthy of trust.

The speaker who seems to be in command of himself inspires confidence. Members of the audience tend to believe in speakers who deliver their message in a more confident tone than those who do it in tentative way. Tact

Our attempt to persuade others often fails because we do so in a tactless manner. Tact is the...
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