Youssef Loutfi Thesis Project Report 1

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Youssef Loutfi Thesis Project Report 1
Determinants of Critical Success Factors of Quality Management in Higher
Education Institutions in Morocco Using DELPHI method by: Youssef Loutfi

Supervised by:

Dr. Abderrahman Hassi

Presented to the Faculty of the Graduate School of
Business Administration Al Akhawayn University

In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for

Master of Business Administration
Al Akhawayn University
Summer 2014 iii Dedication

In conducting this process, I would like mention people to whom this work is dedicated.
To my parents, Habiba Hamdi and Abdessamd Loutfi, who instilled in me very young the thirst for knowledge and determination. Your values, your humility and generosity have always guided me and represent what I most admire in a human being. Here I take a special place to celebrate the sacrifices you have made to educate us and to enable us to follow our dreams.
Thank you dear parents for this unique feeling of success and excellence, thank you to support me when I doubted especially you believed in this dream despite all the sacrifices it required.
Thank you to believe in this project, our project.
To my sister and brother, Ijlal and Ahmad Amine. Thank you for your patience and your great sense of humor.
To Sofia, my treasure. My apologies for any breach of my duties. You have come to accept my frequent absences and my moods. Thank you Sofia.
To Mr. Hassi Abderahman, you felt my ambition, you have believed in me and you opened the doors of knowledge.
To all my family, friends, our memories have helped me a lot during this long journey at
Al Akhawayn University.
To Larache, Ouezzane and their inhabitants, the cities that have rocked my wildest dreams and that hold a special place in my heart.


The present master’s thesis would not have been possible without the support and contribution of numerous people. I can not ignore your support and your contribution, which is greatly appreciated. This work has known some critical phases that could

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