Your Summer Romance with Him

Topics: Debut albums, Talk radio, 2007 singles Pages: 3 (1098 words) Published: June 2, 2010

Melanie Moreno
CP English 1
Mr. Kuchar

It was a cold january day back in 2008, that was when she first laid my eyes on him. You could say it was love at first sight but that may not be how others saw it. This is a story about a girl named Kelsey

Her best friend Declan had text messaged her to go to the local park where every one hang out. When she arrived he was already there with 3 people Randy, Stephanie and Oliver. Oliver is Declan’s older brother and that day was the first time they met. She remembers how he was wearing a black sweatshirt blue jeans and sneakers. They didn’t talk that day though, not yet.

That very next morning she woke to a message that made her smile, it was from him. Apparently he had gotten my number from Declan because he just had to talk to her. So they started talking and it went on for months, all the way up until June. That was when her best friend crystal started talking too him. Never had she told anyone that she had feelings for him so she could understand why she began to like him, but it still hurt me. I couldn’t believe he had started talking to her friend so I called him to talk.

“Hey oliver, how are you? I mean we haven’t talked in a few days and I heard that your now talking to Crystal, like what’s up with that?” said Kelsey.
“Hey, well yeah you could say we were talking I mean I like her alot.” said Oliver. Just like that Kelsey had felt like she had her heart was ripped out of her chest.
“But what happened between us I mean I thought we had something, I can’t be imagining this can i?”
“We should talk later, i’ve got to go bye”
She realized that the phone call had left her more confused than before and she regretted it more than anything. One thing she did not regret was her love for him. She waited days for his call until suddenly she decided that she would call him, “Hello, Oliver? hey yeah its me Kelsey how’s everything going?” exclaimed Kelsey.

“Hey yeah everything is good what about you?...
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