Your Kid Will Never Grow Stronger

Topics: High school, College, Ethics Pages: 3 (1058 words) Published: October 6, 2010
In today's fast pasted, dog eat dog world, parents play a major part in they're children success, or at least that's how parents see it. In his article “A Slippery Slope”, San Francisco Chronicle's C.W Nevius Talks about Adults aiding and giving an unfair advantage to children and how, in the long run, it sets them up for failure. For a lot of families, parents helping their children with home work or a school project isn't that big of a deal, most schools and teaches would agree, that's fine. Some parents, on the other hand, have stopped believing in their children's abilities and start taking matters in to their own hands.

Parents have the best intentions for they're children.. “they [parents] want their son or daughter to get in to X,Y,Z college, and a B won't make it”, former school teacher under the alias “Alice” explains, “high school is a means to get in to college”(Nevius pg. 303). They don't help their children cheat just for the sake of cheating. More and more people are choosing higher education over blue collar jobs, prestige colleges become more competitive to get in to. Nevius writes, “Parents are convinced the stakes are so high that they can justify doing almost anything to give their child an advantage”(pg.302) With so much at stake, parent's are afraid of their children failing and let their anxieties take over. They think their children will be failures, start taking drugs and end up in prison if they don't get in to a good college. Rather than trusting in in their children's capabilities, they feel like they have to do what ever in necessary to help their children get ahead.

Cheat isn't as simple or morally wrong as writing answers on your sleeves; it has become more complicated and elaborate . Instead of lending a helping hand with their child's work, parents have decided it's more convenient to just do their work for them. Parents would do their child's science projects for them and when they went to the districts science fairs, they...
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