Your Attitudes Towards People Who Are Suffering from Aids

Topics: HIV, World Health Organization, Cytomegalovirus Pages: 1 (261 words) Published: December 12, 2010
One of the matters of concern in modern society is the increase in AIDS. According to statistics, there are millions of people die annually because of infecting with this disease. It is clear that AIDS is a disease which threat to the human.. However, many people do not realize serious of this disease, and therefore, the number of HIV cases is increasing every year. In order to solve this problem, governments and health organizations are finding suitable solutions to treat and prevent the spread of this disease. Beside this, it is necessary to have attitudes towards people who are suffering AIDS. One of the good point is that people are suffering AIDS should have equal behavior like other people which help them feel alienated in the society. What is more, people should pay attention and concern to AIDS patients anymore, avoiding discriminated attitudes in order to make them feel confident in their lives. Another good point can be that health organization should educate them about the harm of AIDS to community as well as form of spread to other people. Due to a practice, AIDS patients will have suitable actions in their lives which can reduce the high increase in a number of AIDS cases all around the world. In conclusion, it is obviously that AIDS is creasing dramatically day by day and community need right attitudes in order to prevent and interrupt the spreads of this disease. Moreover, people have suitable attitude towards to people who are suffering AIDS which help them to have useful live in our society.
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