Youngsters Are Afraid of School

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Yoselin Calderon April 2, 2013
Paper #3 Final Draft English100C
Many reasons cause youngsters to be afraid of school. Personally, I was not afraid. My naïve mind had no idea what was awaiting me within the first couple of weeks of first grade, 6 years old and not a doubt in mind that I was in a safe place. Soon I would realize that I was wrong though. Statistically the National Education Association proves that about 160,000 children miss school every day because they are intimidated of being attacked. The media also works in both favors of discourage and encouraging such behaviors of bulling, such as in the very popular books and movies series of Harry Potter.
In first grade I had the worst encounter with a bully. His name was Jonathan and he made my life especially difficult. I had the coolest ponytails a 6 year old can encounter, they were feathered and I owned every color to much any outfit. My first encounter with Jonathan was when he pulled my hair to take out my ponytail. Once he had my ponytail he stood in front of me and tore every feather off my pony tail. I honestly can't make this up, I remember the moment my heart dropped as every feather fell to the ground. Seeking justice I told my first grade teacher Mrs. Payton, she was able to punish Jonathan and he wasn't able to play with the rest of us in the playground that day. What I didn't know was that the situation was nothing compared to what was awaiting for me the next day. The next day Jonathan’s punishment was removed; I assumed he had learned his lesson so I didn't expect anything. One moment I was smiling and the next I was on the ground. Jonathan had punched me in the face. I remember the pain rushing to the center of my face, I was surprised and in pain. Jonathan got a week worth of suspension for punching me in the face. It was no different from last time when he came back; I continued to be naïve, believing he learned his lesson. That day in the playground I went on as if

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