Young People

Topics: Mobile phone, Learning, Skill Pages: 1 (354 words) Published: April 2, 2013
Everything does not always abide by the law of life. And it isn’t joking that there are many things that young people can teach older people. Some aspects of knowledge older people don’t know especially modern technology and kinds of entertainment for teenagers certainly aren’t older people’s strong point. That‘s why they can learn many things from young generation. Some young people have conditions to study abroad, acquire specialized knowledge from early. They are also lucky for having intelligence and aptitude for some professions. Although they work later than older people, they devote themselves to job more, they have a higher rank.   So they have ability enough to teach their subordinates skill and specialized knowledge. It is conventional wisdom that English or other languages are not easy to learn, particularly for older people. About it, teenagers are better, older people can learn it from teenagers. Therefore, in some aspects, older people must get knowledge from experienced young people. While many people have lived for over forty years, modern technologies such as computer, mobile phone, iPod, came to appear about twenty years ago. Today’s young people are so keen and intelligent that they update news very fast. Using computer, mobile phone, surfing the Internet… that is difficult for older people is quite simple for teenagers. My parent and grandparent learn how to use cell phone and computer from me. They never feel uncomfortable about that. Older people often don’t know about some kinds of entertainment for teenagers. Popular music, hip-hop and dancing especially dance sport are so strange to them. But nowadays, appearances of some music or dancing club give older people opportunity to know about them. The special thing is that instructors are usually young but very skilled and practiced. To sum up, I think that young people have many things to teach older...
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