Young India

Topics: Adolf Hitler, Nazi Germany, Mobile phone Pages: 4 (1448 words) Published: January 9, 2013
Good morning young India!!!
One fine Sunday morning my cell beeped for a message from one of my friends. I couldn’t forget and discard it just like all the other absurd forward messages I get. It went like this, GOOD MORNING YOUNG INDIA!! ASK YOURSELF TODAY AM I A TRUE NATION BUILDER????? The message made me think and this article is the product of my thoughts over that single message. WHO AM I ?

I am a 22 year old Indian eagerly passionate to see my nation without poverty, hunger, malnutrition, unemployment, unequal distribution of wealth, money minded politicians, corrupt bureaucrats, irresponsible media persons, distracting filmmakers, fake spiritualists, hapless citizens and AIMLESS YOUTH in a few years down the line. The biggest curse of India in my opinion is its directionless youth who constitute a major chunk of its population. Let me begin with two cases which demonstrate the power of youth, one in the past and the other in the present. Adolph Hitler understood the power of young people. After he came to power in Germany in 1932 one of the early actions he took was to outlaw all youth groups, especially the religious ones. In their place he formed the Hitler Youth and the German League of Young Girls. In these organizations young people were taught to revere Hitler and serve him without question. The boys were taught that it would be an honor to lay down their lives for Fatherland and Fuhrer. The girls were taught that it was their duty to bear children and obey the Fuhrer. The youth of Germany were taught that they were the master race and it was their destiny to dominate the world. What happened as a result of Hitler harnessing the power of youth? A significant portion of this generation of German youth committed horrible atrocities in the name of their Fuhrer. The Jasmine revolution triggered shockwaves not just in Egypt but throughout the Maghreb. The root cause of everything being the frustration and despair of their...
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