Young Goodman Brown Symbolism

Topics: Walking, Road, The Dresser Pages: 3 (959 words) Published: April 16, 2014
Steven Goodwin
Paper 3 final draft
Eng 102 Dr.Sharma

The House on Maple Street

Glory and statues are one of many things people seek to achieve in their lifetime. That sense of attention for others is always sought out, no matter if it’s positive or negative. The road to stardom or even just a bit of high school popularity is never a lonely road, many will try and attach themselves to your statues for and ride to fame. But during any sense of hardship you will be left as one to endure anything you have come across. The man said “The Travelers and the Hatchet” (164) “who doesn’t let his friend share the prize cannot expect him to share the danger”, this shows in order to stand along the glory you also must be prepared to face the rough roads ahead.

It was a bright and sunny day, and the last bell of the day just went off in St. Mark’s Academy. The rumbling of kids and the slamming of lockers was all you heard as the first day of school was over. You could see class syllabi being trampled on as everyone stormed out of the school and into their parent’s cars or buses. I lived a few blocks down from the school so I was expected to walk each and every day, but it wasn’t a lonely road as I had my friend Josh that just lived a street over from me. Josh and I have been best friends since 3rd grade and you could barely separate us from each other. We loved to play video games and we would talk about them just about every time were together. In the mites of our conversation of who could beat who in halo, Josh stopped and starred at the old abandoned house on Maple St. I turned and said to him and said “what’s up?” he looked and me then back at the house and said i dare you to walk around that house. I looked at him and laughed and said there was no way I would enter that house. The house gave off a foggy feel that made the hair stand up on your back; it had two broken windows, and a front door that would slam continuously as the wind blew. He then...
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