young goodman brown

Topics: Young Goodman Brown, Goodman, Satan Pages: 4 (1797 words) Published: April 16, 2014
Kevin Chang
Period 3
Young Goodman Brown
1. I think Brown experienced a real meeting with devil worshippers in the forest. However it seems that as the story progressed it was more likely to be a dream instead of a real experience. I reconsidered the meeting with actual devil worshippers because Goodman wasn’t sure if it was a dream, he even thought that it was a bad omen, and also if it had been real then there would’ve been more meetings throughout his life. 2. Evidence pointing to the journey into the forest being a journey into his own heart is seen when he’s alone in the forest. He begins seeing the darkness around him which is symbolic of sin, and he sees his wife’s ribbon in the tree which is symbolic of his need of her and fear of losing her. He is mostly afraid of the sin in himself which he unravels as he goes deeper into the forest. His fellow traveler who is described as an older version of Goodman is darker and more evil than Goodman himself, whereas his wife whose name is faith is lost because Goodman loses faith in the Church congregation who he sees at the devil worship. 3. The point of view effects our perception of secondary characters like the fellow traveler and Goodman’s wife, because it allows us to only use their descriptions to judge their character. For Goodman’s wife we see innocence because of her ribbon, whereas the older traveler is described as being in some way prestigious and able to be seen on a king’s court, while also being related to a staff which was similar to a black serpent. 4. Brown kept his religious values at the end of the story. He went against the devil worshippers and was untrusting of those around him who he had seen at the devil meeting. He had changed a little in believing in others, however his overall values towards religion stayed on the Church side over the Satanic side. I do admire is commitment to Church even though he had realized how corrupt it was, however he did lose faith in those who he...
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