Young Adult Life Stage

Topics: Adult, Adolescence, Family Pages: 4 (1404 words) Published: December 7, 2011
The Young Adult Life Stage|
Adult Development & Aging, BSHS 371|
Roxanne Arballo September, 2011|

Stress in the young adult life stage seems more prevalent in today's society. One very important point is that kids are growing up much faster, taking on more responsibilities that years ago might not have been faced for another 5, 10, and 20 years later. Culture has a very big part in the onset of adult roles at varied ages. The transition to and through this stage can involve, as this writer personally went through in this period, one of looking at and at times being traumatized by who we are becoming. There might be the doubt we are going in the direction we want to go. Society and peer pressure also seems to add to this burden.

The past perception of the norm was of young adults having fun, with time for socializing, sports, and hobbies. This writer believes, with society progressing the way it is today, the lighter lifestyle to be today’s “ideal”, one not applicable for the advancing and making-a-name-for-themselves population. Priorities have changed immensely in the past forty years, if not less.

Through interviews with three young adults, this all applies in various degrees with individuals as well. “Have I made, am I making, or will I make the right decisions?”; “Am I doing the right thing in regards to my family?” Factors also might include a location, career path or romantic relationship. A decision now made, by individuals in the “typical” United States high school population, might have been one , then, not even thought of for another few years. Questions to interviewees

a) What is important in your life right now?
b) How is this stage of life different from the previous one, adolescence? c) How have you changed since you have become a young adult? d) What were your perceptions of what it would be like to be a young adult? e)...
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