You Want to Be a Good Leader?

Topics: Writing, Writer / Pages: 2 (363 words) / Published: Jan 24th, 2013
So, You Want To Be a Writer? Here’s How. Allegra Goodman

The article “So, You Want to be a Writer? Here is How”, written by Allegra Goodman, emphasizes the major difficulty for most writers is the lacks of time; it also lists four pieces of advice for writers to follow. First, a writer should write about other people instead of himself. A writer will be able to understand others more by observing others’ faces, conversations and behaviors. Second, a writer should find a peaceful place to work. A peaceful place is not only means a quiet place; however, it is a place where a writer can be isolated from any social devices such as Internet, email and phone call. At a peaceful place, a writer can have more time working on his essay such as brainstorming and editing. Third, the author recommends writers to write with pens or pencils instead of typing. By handwriting, writers will see writing as a process of creating art project rather than a piece of work. Last, the author thinks writers should read various types of books and understand the content of each book in order to foster their knowledge. As a consequence, writers will develop the ability to writer articles in different forms. The author also encourages women to have their personal time for writing and reading, because women are easy to be distracted by their children.

To be honest, I am not a good writer. Even though I love reading fiction and nonfiction, my writing skills have not improved yet. By looking at the advice that the author gives in this article, I find some tips that might be helpful for my writing skills. For example, I always get distracted by Internet and phone calls, and I always write stories about myself. Next time, I will find a peaceful place to write an essay that is not about myself. I have another advice for improving writing skills which is to accumulate important vocabulary,

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