You Tube Llc: Going Global by Acting Local

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Case 2: YouTube
Case Questions
1. Do a SWOT analysis of YouTube in India.
Internal| Strengths * The site is very user-friendly and video uploads are easy * Launching a localized YouTube site that contained local promoted videos, featured videos, localized user interface * Using digital hash technology for copyrighting protection | Weaknesses * User created content is not really that popular or well crafted * Copyrighted material is not allowed to be uploaded onto the site * Only including some Indian languages and not all Indian languages on the site| External| Opportunities * Expand viewer content to include a larger age range of viewers * Customizing to local preference to attract more users * Entered into various partnerships with Indian TV networks and film produces that would suit the local taste| Threats * Competition from Google’s social networking site Orkut and local Indian portals offering local content * Local music labels in India suing YouTube * Receiving criticism from fundamentalist groups regarding its contents * Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr|

2. Assess YouTube’s growth through alliances and partnerships. YouTube has grown by forging partnerships with various companies and providing entertainment that suit the local taste and preferences of the host county.

3. Assess the company’s localizing strategy. Do you recommend that YouTube “localize” when entering other countries? YouTube India provides users with relevant content and a platform to share its unique and diverse culture and lifestyle. India was the 20th country that YouTube had launched a localized site for. I recommend that YouTube “localize” when entering other countries, because India has benefited from an entirely local experience highlighting content and functionality most desired by the Indian users.

4. What are the problems YouTube is experiencing in India? Local music labels in India had sued YouTube for hosting its...
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