You Only Choose Your Career Once

Topics: Choice, Student, Mother Pages: 2 (750 words) Published: November 23, 2013
You Only Choose Your Career Once (YOCYCO)

Stories of depressed teenagers and overwhelmed students are not as uncommon as they used to be, especially when they're nearing the ages of fifteen to seventeen. Those are the valuable years in a student's life in which he or she has to make one of the biggest choices of their lives--their career. However, they're not only important to the student, but also to their parents. While parents should play a supportive role in this tremendous decision, no one, not even their very parents, should take the wheel and make the choice for them.

It takes more than countless years to truly understand another human. Each person is different, from their fingertips to their feelings, physical appearances to their preferences. Your mother might enjoy sciences while you yourself are intrigued by mathematics, your father lost in the world of history when you yourself might despise the subject. Each and every one of us is an independent individual, we cannot base something as important as our career--something that we will wake up to almost every day, spend infinite hours at, virtually revolve our lives around--on opinions voiced by someone else. The principal of Jai Hind College, Churchgate, says, "Many students are forced to pick a course when they do not have an aptitude for it. Parents should be a little more open-minded and allow students to choose subjects of their own choice." As unfortunate and upsetting as it might be, our parents will not always be at our side, and humans are not created to satisfy. It is always much more wise to choose a career that is more beneficial to our own abilities and preferences than to please someone else. Adding an opinion or two on cue, announcing own experiences are always expected from parents, but choosing the choices for the student, especially based on the parents' wants, is absolutely unacceptable.

Being a great part of any person's life, a career can affect a person's moods and...
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